Window Styles

Both sash’s in the window frame are operable, they move up and down. The sashes on a double hung window also tilt in.
The top sash is fixed, but the bottom is operable it moves up and down.
Opens by sliding 1 window pane side to side. One panel is operable (per customerchoice) the other remains fixed 
For large openings it has a fixed picture window in the center with operable window sliders on each end.
Non Operable can’t be opened but cast light into otherwise dark areas. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes picture windows are also extremely energy efficient.
Available in a variety of shapes these specialty windows add instant character to your home. Create a focal point in your home or add more light to an area.

Casement Window
Open’s with a crank handle, the window sash is hinged on one side and swings out from your home. Casement windows provide maximum ventilation.

Awning Window
Hinged at the top and designed to open outward, awning windows provide additional airflow to a room