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WBD Front Doors or HVHZ Front Doors?

WBD or HVHZ – What’s the difference?

WBD = Wind-Borne Debris

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HVHZ = High Velocity Huricane Zone

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The majority of Florida, especially Tampa Bay and coastal areas, are required to replace their glass with impact rated glass. When it comes to doors, there two two kinds of impact doors: WBD and HVHZ. For impact doors in the Tampa Bay area, WBD is sufficient for Florida Building Codes. HVHZ is only required in Broward and Dade Counties of Southern Florida.

WBD and HVHZ Map of Florida

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WBD comes with either impact or non-impact glass. All of our prices on the entry door cost chart are specifically for WBD impact doors. If you want the added HVHZ protection, it is considered an upgrade and runs an additional $200 per panel for standard 6′ 8″ doors and $300 per panel for 8′ doors.


Have you received a quote from another company and are unsure if you are getting charged more for HVHZ instead of WBD? Let us take a look at your written estimate. We can go over the details with you to make sure you are getting what you need for your area. We want to be sure you are educated and treated fairly. Our project consultants are here to answer any questions and to help you get exactly what you want for your replacement front entry door. We have many exterior door options in both WBD Impact and HVHZ Impact for you to choose from.

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