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To Grid or Not To Grid Your Replacement Windows

In Colonial days, the production of glass window panes was limited to smaller panes that could be packaged and shipped by horse in a satchel or box. The glass panes were held into place with wood mouldings, this way of building windows leads to provide a look that we now know as Colonial window grids also referred to as grilles or Muntins. Grids are window strips made from vinyl, wood, aluminum or PVC, which divide a window glass into smaller panes which are called lites.
If you’re considering grid windows, or if you just want to know more about them, continue reading.

You can purchase windows which feature internal grids. These grid systems are cleaner, because the grids are ‘sandwiched’ between the panes of glass. This type of grid window is a bit more decorative, but it’s also highly durable.  Grid windows are a stylistic choice, so it’s a good idea to determine whether or not your home curb appeal would benefit from adding grids to your home. Windows without external grids are a little easier to clean. Grid windows are great for traditional and colonial homes however not adding grids is a good choice for modern homes. Not adding grids can preserve your home’s viewable light space.

With a grid window’s aesthetic appeal, it also has a few
benefits capable of lowering a home’s solar heat gain coefficient

A solar heat gain coefficient is the amount of sun heat blocked by a window. No matter if your window’s grid is between its glasses, on the glass’s surface or is removable, it’s blocking the sun’s rays. In general, grids can reduce your home’s energy bill.

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