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Vinyl Window Installation by Karoly Windows & Doors

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In the past, vinyl windows were poor insulators due to problems with thermal expansion and stability in very hot environments. Because Florida summers are extremely hot for extended periods of time, vinyl frames were not recommended.

On the other hand, modern vinyl windows are far more durable and energy efficient. Vinyl frames are much less expensive to manufacture than aluminum frames. This is why many customers prefer the money-saving option. With new improvements in the design of vinyl frames, you wont have to worry about heat expansion, cracking, splintering. It makes opening and closing your new windows a breeze! You can invest in high-quality vinyl replacement vinyl windows and count on our expert installation team to make your home incredibly energy efficient.

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Vinyl Windows vs. Aluminum Windows

#1 Reason to Choose Vinyl over Aluminum:

Florida Building Code DOES NOT Approve Aluminum Windows

Florida Building Code calls for the highest energy efficient windows which cannot be met with aluminum frames. The high thermal conductivity of aluminum allows heat to penetrate the frame and heat the inside of your home. Vinyl window frames help regulate the internal temperature of your home, which means your HVAC system will work less and keep the cost of cooling your home in the summer as low as possible.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

  • Extremely strong and durable, vinyl will not crack, split, peel or rot
  • It is scratch resistant
  • Less expensive to make, saving you money
  • Does not fade in the sunlight
  • Very low maintenance
  • Vinyl frames never need to be painted or refinished
  • More energy efficient
  • Increases resale value of your home

Aluminum Replacement Windows

  • Aluminum may last a long time, but it prone to dents and scratches
  • High maintenance
  • Costs to produce are higher than vinyl
  • They oxidize which make them look dull
  • Not energy efficient due to high conductivity
  • Condensation leads to corrosion
  • Cannot be painted
  • Will fade in the Florida sun

We know that investing in vinyl replacement windows for your home is a major decision. Karoly Windows & Doors is dedicated to providing customers with beautiful, high-quality, and durable vinyl replacement windows. We offer top of the line products that Karoly stands behind. Simonton StormBreaker Plus and PGT WinGuard Vinyl are the two best home replacement windows available. Since Karoly has been doing business with these companies for so long, he is able to get the best possible pricing and he passes the savings on to you!

Vinyl Replacement Window Styles

Double Hung
Single Hung
2-lite Slider
3-lite Slider

Vinyl Replacement Windows: Brands We Trust

There are technological advancements for replacement windows that homeowners in coastal areas of Florida, can utilize to protect their homes. Simonton StormBreaker Plus® Impact Resistant Vinyl Windows is our most installed replacement window solution due to their outstanding warranty. Another recommended product is our PGT Winguard® Vinyl Single Hung Windows, but they should only be used on the first floor due to the difficulty of glass service work required from the outside (requires outside scaffolding for second floor).  Both of these replacement windows can withstand repeated impact from a nine-pound beam traveling at 34 miles per hour, followed by hurricane-force winds of over 140 mph. Even though the glass is damaged, the glass remains securely in its frame, keeping the elements outside. For more information, click the links below.

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