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Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows

Karoly Windows & Doors is the #1 choice for hurricane impact windows in Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area.

Why are impact windows important in Florida? Hurricanes that come through Florida are that predictable. Their paths can always change. Winds can get more volatile with every rotation. Being prepared before hurricane season starts can give your home the protection it needs to withstand the storm.

Non-impact windows are one of the first breaches of the building envelope during a wind event. These windows can’t stand up to the wind, weather, and flying debris the way impact windows do. Impact glass can stay intact after repeated strikes of an object traveling at least 35 miles per hour. The broken glass stays together within the vinyl frame. The glass is designed to remain fully intact when it is struck, without allowing wind to get into your home. Having hurricane impact windows can be the difference between preserving family safety and possessions and losing everything you love.

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Replacement Impact Windows Provide Maximum Protection

According to the International Hurricane Protection Association, once winds get inside a home during a hurricane, the roof and most of the home’s structure likely will not survive. Pressure build-up will cause these elements to separate, devastating a home in a matter of seconds. That’s why, in Florida especially, you need hurricane impact windows. In fact, impact replacement windows are required to pass building inspections. Fenestration in Tampa Bay must follow specific code requirements for window installation. The impact glass and vinyl framing must pass Florida Product Approval requirements for certification.

Doing your own research on building code requirements? Let us help…

Florida Building Code Requirements in 2021

Window replacement installation in our area must meet strict building codes that specify energy efficiency and impact regulations. Products you install in your home must have a Florida product approval code. Our products are all highly tested and approved for our hurricane zone in Pinellas County and Hillsborough County.

Must be in compliance with Florida Building code in order to pass inspection.

  • Refer to R4410.1 of Chapter 14 in the “Florida Building Code, Building” book. (HVHZ Glass and Glazing specifications)

Also the replacement windows must be in compliance with 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) in order to pass inspection. Refer to the following:

  • R402.1 for specifics on U-Factor requirements for insulating.
  • R402.3.1 through R402.3.5 for Fenestration criteria.
  • R402.2.1.1 for specific criteria on air sealing and insulation.
  • R402.4.3 for Fenestration air leakage
  • R402.5 for maximum Fenestration U-Factor and SHGC

You need Hurricane Impact Windows!

If you live in a wind-borne debris region (coastal regions of Florida), you are required to replace your windows with impact windows. There are some in-land areas of Hillsborough County that do not require impact glass. You can use the ATC Hazards by Location website and enter your address for specific details on your home. If the Risk Category II is over 140mph then you are required to replace your windows with hurricane impact windows.

Hurricane Impact Windows Rated Glass Hurricane Impact Windows Resistant Dual Pane Windows Laminated Tempered Karoly Window Replacement Clearwater Largo St Petersburg Pinellas Hillsborough

Contact our project coordinators to request details on your address!

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A Look Through the Glass: Hurricane Impact Window Glass

Hurricane Impact Windows Replacement Karoly Windows and Doors Dual Pane Insulating Glass ProSolar Shade LowE Glass Annealed Tempered Argo Gas Intercept Spacer Laminated Glass Replacement
  • Laminated inner layer that keeps your home insulated and reflects harmful ultraviolet rays (reduces fading of carpet, artwork and photos).
  • Triple Pane and double strength annealed or tempered glass is much more durable
  • Argon gas between panes helps to insulate a room and minimize the transfer of heat through the window (colorless, odorless and harmless gas).
  • Laminated glass significantly improves a window’s ability to withstand breakage, reduce exterior sounds, and meets building code requirements.
  • Metal spacer between panes provides a superior tight seal against stress caused by thermal expansion – preventing the transfer of hot and cold from one pane to another.

Hurricane Impact Window Replacement: Brands We Trust

There are technological advancements for hurricane impact replacement windows that homeowners in coastal areas of Florida, can utilize to protect their homes. Simonton StormBreaker Plus® Impact Resistant Vinyl Windows is our most installed replacement window solution. Another recommended product is our PGT Winguard® Vinyl Double Hung Windows. Both of these replacement hurricane impact windows can withstand repeated impact from a nine-pound beam traveling at 34 miles per hour, followed by hurricane-force winds. Even though the glass is damaged, the glass remains securely in its frame, keeping the elements outside. For more information, click the links below.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus Impact Windows

When hurricane season comes, having hurricane impact windows can help eliminate the stress of protecting your family and home. In our opinion, the best of the best is Simonton StormBreaker Plus impact windows. They exceed standards for Florida Building Codes and look beautiful! The StormBreaker Plus double hung window is the favorite among our customers and our installers alike. Double hung windows are easy to maintain with movable top and bottom sashes and a tilt feature that allows you to clean the outside of the window. They are the most reliable and easiest for service out of all the vinyl window styles, which make them the favorite of our installers for hurricane impact windows. Get Simonton windows at the same price as PGT windows, exclusively from Karoly Windows & Doors. Our long relationship with Simonton allows us to charge the same price as PGT.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus Hurricane Impact Windows Clearwater Largo Palm Harbor Tampa Karoly

Free Glass Upgrade! (a $75 value per window)

Simonton’s replacement impact windows come standard with ProSolar Low E protection. Karoly Windows & Doors provides a FREE upgraded glass package on all Simonton windows to ProSolar Shade with Low E. This extra level of UV protection adds an additional barrier between you and the Florida sun, and gives your hurricane impact windows a higher energy efficiency rating. Your new hurricane resistant windows are also filled with Argon gas between the layers of glass. Argon gas is more dense than air and works better at insulating your home. It also contributes to a higher energy efficiency rating.

PGT Hurricane Impact Window Replacement

We also carry PGT WinGuard Vinyl impact replacement windows. They are very similar to Simonton StormBreaker Plus. They are made with a very strong vinyl that has multiple chambers in the frame, maximizing its durability. We also provide a FREE glass upgrade to Energy Shield Max glass that qualifies your windows for energy rebates through your electric company. PGT does offer a double hung window as well as single hung, and they can manufacture larger windows than Simonton can.

Read Brand Comparison: Simonton vs. PGT for more information.

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Hurricane Impact Window Replacement

Check out the video below to see the difference between Simonton StormBreaker Plus impact windows and Simonton Reflection non-impact windows. The glass falls apart when it shatters with the non-impact but the impact window doesn’t.

See for yourself!

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Reasons to choose Hurricane Impact Windows:

  • Effective barrier against forced entry, flying debris and hurricane force winds
  • Filters up to 99% of UV rays to mitigate any damage to carpets, upholstery and photographs on your walls
  • 50% noise reduction achieved by a sound-dampening interlayer, reducing the STC rating to 35
  • Free glass upgrade to maximize your energy efficiency and qualify you for EnergyStar rebates through your electric company (contact your electric company before installation for details)
  • Warranty claim assistance

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Replacement Impact Window Costs

The following price guide is intended to give our clients a rough idea of replacement window costs. When we come to your home for the FREE in-home consultation, we will include any additional installation costs. Included in the prices below is basic installation (first floor, concrete and stucco exterior, easily accessible, no build outs). More complex installations are upper floors, condominiums, and frame construction homes which all require additional construction, longer than normal installation times, and additional fees. We will discuss any complex installation fees during the in-home consultation.

All installation includes replacement of windows, trim inside & outside and properly seal the windows to pass the building department inspection. Any job under $4000, or less than 4 window minimum order requirement, will be assessed a small job set up fee. Turn around time for your formal quote is within 3 business days of your in-home estimate. However, Karoly or Brandon will give you the price before leaving your home.

Please Note: We do not do in-home estimates on houses built before 1952 due to a high possibility of lead paint. Karoly Windows & Doors is not equipped to work on homes with lead paint. If you had all the lead paint removed from your home and have a certificate from the state as proof, we will schedule you for an in-home consultation. Click the following link for a brochure on lead paint and renovation safety. Renovate Right – The Dangers of Lead Paint.

Impact Replacement Windows - Pricing Guide

Price based on white, vinyl, impact windows with standard installation.
Starting at $1,100 *price goes up based on size and upgrades
  • Double Hung, Single Hung, Slider or Picture windows are all the same price
  • FREE ultra energy efficient upgraded glass package
  • Casement and Awning Windows are an additional $400
  • Large Sliders and Small 3-Lite Sliders starting at $1,600
  • Bronze Exterior / White Interior Frames additional $460 per window
  • Bronze Exterior / Bronze Interior Frames additional $700 per window
  • Tan or Beige Frames additional 10% of the window price
  • Glass Upgrades Per Window: Obscure Free, Turtle $150, Tempered $200
  • Grids Upgrades Per Window: Colonial Flat $50 (additional options available), Grids for Arch Windows $200
  • Mull bars are an additional $300 each (for multiple windows in one opening)
  • Price subject to change upon in-home consultation due to additional work requirements
  • Custom built windows requires a minimum $4000 purchase.
Best Deals!

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Considering Impact Window Replacement?

Here is why you should choose Karoly Windows & Doors:

Karoly Windows & Door Clearwater Palm Harbor Largo Tampa St Petersburg

Karoly Windows & Doors has been in business since 2001, installing beautiful hurricane impact windows in these Service Areas: Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Largo, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. We specializing in replacement windows, replacement sliding glass doors, replacement front entry and patio doors. Our experience and knowledge of the best products in the industry is extensive. Whether you prefer double hung, slider, picture, casement, awning or geometric shapes, we can assist you with your impact window replacement. We carry the top brands of windows and doors including Simonton, PGT, Builders Hardware Inc, and Masonite by Florida Made Door.

Karoly Craftsmanship

Once you’ve decided on the right style and type of hurricane impact windows for your home, we will install them for you. Our installation crews are all full time employees of Karoly Windows & Doors. They all have been well trained by Karoly himself! The “Karoly Way” is a craftsmanship our customers have grown to expect. Therefore we always deliver on that expectation. Karoly also includes a labor warranty on all installations to ensure you are totally satisfied.

We have the best deals in our area!

Karoly makes it our business to have the best deals for Simonton StormBreaker Plus replacement impact windows and PGT WinGuard Vinyl hurricane impact windows. Our recommendation is to get multiple estimates for your project. Have you received a bid from another reputable company whose price is lower than ours? Please share this quote with us! Our project consultants will double check if they quoted you correctly. We will happily adjust the price if the quotes match! Then you know you are truly getting the best deal possible while using the best window replacement company in Clearwater.

Karoly Windows and Doors Price Match Guarantee

Guaranteed to Satisfy

You can be assured that all of our products and services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed by Karoly himself. Because it is very important that our clients and potential clients have absolute confidence and trust in us, we maintain an A+ on the Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Check us out on Google and read all of our wonderful reviews.

Karoly Windows and Doors 100 percent satisfaction Windows Replacement Windows and Doors Window installers Tampa Clearwater Palm Harbor Largo St Petersburg ENERGY-STAR Simonton StormBreaker Plus PGT

Types of Buildings We Service

  • Single Family Concrete Homes with Stucco Finish
  • Condominiums & Multi-Family Homes
  • Coastal Homes and Rental Properties
  • Communities with Homeowner Associations
  • Homes built after 1952

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We offer financing to those who qualify!

Don’t put your impact window project on hold just because you are running a little low on funds. We have a few financing options for our customer’s convenience. There are special financing options for those with approved credit. It can help you conserve cash without increasing your other credit card balances. Click logos below for more information

Hurricane Impact Window Replacement Photo Gallery

We also replace entry doors and sliding glass patio doors!

Click the links below for more information about our other services:

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