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Is sliding glass door replacement an easy DIY project?

Is sliding glass door replacement an easy DIY project?

Is sliding glass door replacement hard for non-experienced home owners?

Have you ever tried to replace a sliding glass door? It can be a hard DIY project and most homeowners have zero experience. Especially if you want to install a PGT sliding glass door. They may be beautiful doors and provide high energy efficiency ratings, but they are heavy and bulky. For most homeowners, the sliding glass door replacement process is too complicated.

PGT Replacement Sliding Glass Door

Let me explain the replacement sliding glass door process.

First you have to measure your opening. You’ll need a tape measure! Find your rough opening width by measuring the distance between the studs, and the height by measuring floor to beam. Then it’s time to find your sliding glass door. Sometimes you can get lucky and find one already manufactured to your specifications.

We order PGT sliding glass doors and often do have a few overstock inventory available. You can check out our inventory or contact Home Depot. If you can find a door pre-made that will fit your opening, you can proceed with your project immediately. Currency custom orders for PGT have a manufacturing time of anywhere from 8 to 12 months (as of July 1). Don’t let any company tell you differently!

Taking out your sliding glass door is harder than you think. Depending on how it was originally installed, you may need to cut it away from the wall or flooring. For those with no experience, there are various YouTube videos you can reference for tips on taking out your sliding glass door. If you have a pocket sliding glass door, it’s even more complicated. Do you own a reciprocating saw?

PGT Replacement Sliding Glass Doors

You should consider Karoly Windows & Doors for your replacement sliding glass door.

Call (888) 219-7953 or click here to request a quote or get more information today!

Here is what you can expect if you chose us…

Karoly, our owner and contractor, will come to your home for a FREE in-home consultation. Yes, you meet directly with the owner! The best thing about meeting with Karoly, he give the best deals for replacement sliding glass doors. He has a long standing relationship with our supplier and gets great deals on their product, and he always passes the deals on to our clients.

Upon acceptance of your contract for replacement sliding glass doors, you will have an entire team of project coordinators in your pocket. They are here to answer any questions and follow your product order. Communication is key! Our coordinators will keep you updated through the manufacturing process.

When your sliding glass doors are completed and sent to our supplier, we get you scheduled for your installation within a couple weeks. We will schedule it around your availability. The installation will be overseen by Karoly. He created an application that allows him to view photos of the installation in real time and communicate with the installers if they have questions or if Karoly sees something that can be done better. He guarantees satisfaction on all installations. If there is anything you are unhappy with, we will make it right.

We know we are the best sliding glass door replacement company in the entire Tampa Bay area, but don’t just take our word for it!

Let our past customers tell you about their experience with Karoly Windows & Doors. We put together a few good ones for you, but you are welcome to pull up our reviews from any of the links below.

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